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The Diesel and Death game is a dual play type of game that includes a racer and the competitor. Diesel is the role played by the computer while Death, is the role played by you the competitor. The levels of the power-ups as well as the health of your bike are usually displayed on the screen. The more your bike gets destroyed, the lower its health deteriorates. Once the health lifeline is depleted, your game is over and you lose. The same applies to your competitors. The more you attack and destroy their bikes, the higher the chances of defeating them. Power-up options can be gained throughout the game. Destroy your opponents and pass through the different levels of the junkyard to gain more points and power-ups to see you through the game.

How to Play/Instructions
The main principle behind this game is to race as fast as you can across the junkyard and beat all your opponents. The first racer past the flags wins the game. If just racing is not your thing and you would like to add some adrenaline in the race, all you have to do is destroy your enemies and win. Race as fast as you can and catch up with your opponents. Destroy and pass them to gain more points as well as increase your chances of winning.

It’s basically easy to play this game. Only five keypads are required to control the entire game. These keypads are Up, Down, Right side, Left Side and the Space button. Each and every button plays its own primary role. Increasing the speed, gaining power-ups and attacking your enemy are all done at the five cursors. The Up keypad is used to lift the bike during jumps. The Left keypad is used to brake/slowdown the bike while the Right keypad is used to accelerate the bike in different directions. The Space keypad is used to gain the power-up option as well as attack your opponents.

QWOP is another awesome game which involves kind of racing style of gameplay, but it is extremely hard. Try unblocked version from link which we have provided and also if you like Learn To Fly 2 come and play the Original Version of the game at


Free Rider
Free Rider is a wonderful game and it can reduce the mind pressure same way as impossible quiz. You just keep the bike wheels on tracks. It has thousands of tracks and you can challenge with your friends also. It is the game which contains logic of science principles in it and is used for teachers to develop their ethics to handle classes clearly to the students. Free Rider has list of controls to keep the vehicle to be controlled and has some other controls to organize the game in smooth way.

First let we see a list of controls over vehicle, Up arrow: It is obviously used to accelerate the vehicle.
Down arrow: It is used to slow down or brake the vehicle to stop.
Left arrow: It is used to lean towards left side.
Right arrow: It is used to lead towards right side.
Additionally we have “Z” control, which can turn around the vehicle.
W, A, S and D are used to Scroll up, left, down and right respectively.
+ and – are used to Zoom in and out respectively.

Whenever you need to restart the game from beginning just click Enter key. Shift key enables to Quickly Draw a game and B is used to kill urself or suicide.

Dolphin Оlympics 2 is a pretty enjoyable online flash game, where you control the dolphin to carry out numerous eye-pleasing tricks. The game is somewhat comparable to Ecco the Dolphin, but without a storyline, just the pure dolphin controlling fun. Іt’s easy to play, it’s very enjoyable and greatest of all – it’s absolutely free!

Dolphin Olympics 2Іn Dolphin Оlympics 2 your objective is to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes by swimming, jumping, rolling, rotating and tail sliding your dolphin. The game has incredibly addictive mechanics which you will instantly enjoy, however so as to master all the tricks to score massive points you will have to practice a lot.

There are a number of things to aim for in this free game besides getting the most score. When you gain the momentum, you can have your dolphin jump higher and higher and higher, you will get to Moon, Mars and the other planet, up to a café at the end of the galaxy! Moreover, it’s fun just to jump so high and enjoy the tricks even without any goal at all! Sea sounds are relaxing, the tricks are a real eye candy, therefore this is a true game to just relax and enjoy.

The basic controls in Dolphin Оlympics 2 are pretty simple, almost as simple as in Happy Wheels, it is free dark humor game available at Arrow keys control the direction of the dolphin’s movement under water. After you gain some momentum under water, direct your dolphin to jump out of water also that’s where the tricks take place. While in the air, you can roll (by pressing DОWN) or turn clockwise or counter clockwise (by pressing RІGHT or LEFT). However, be sure to always land nose first to keep your momentum – otherwise you lose your speed. So, the trick is to jump, jump, and always land nose first! This will keep your speed increasing and increasing – your dolphin will jump higher and higher, and during each jump you can roll, turn and tail slide many times for a nice bonus. That’s it for the basic controls!

To be able to jump even higher and earn bigger score in Dolphin Оlympics 2, you should also learn the advanced moves. Always look out for the rings – they give you a nice boost! Hold DОWN while approaching the water to do tail slide, and press UP to jump out of it (this also works in the stars). Lead fish out of the water to boost your speed even more.

Do as many various moves as possible and combine as many as possible during any single jump to build your combo multiplier.

It’s an exciting quiz game to test your knowledge. It is especially made for creative minds. Some answers don’t even make sense but that is something which makes it different from other quiz games. The graphics are user friendly. Its works like an anti-brain wash, anti-depression.

Impossible quiz

Certain instructions are as follows,

  1. Try to answer all the questions correct to win. As simple as that!
  2. The ‘skip’ option lets you skip a question when you find it too difficult. This option appears when you have answered a certain questions correctly.
  3. there would be 3 lives to prevent you from loosing, one wrong question means one life down, with all lives down means ‘GAME OVER’.
  4. Bomb questions come with a timer, the time limits can be from 10 seconds to even 1 second, so be alert!.
    Certain controls; have

5 skips for going to next level.2.use‘s’ key to skip instantly.

The questions will appear to be strange but that is the exciting part of quiz game. Think out of the box to get your answers. As you play the game there is also music played alongside which makes it more fun, it has different tracks for different levels. Some questions require insane logic, some are just on guessing. while playing you would think to the deepest ,try all your logic but the answer may turn out to be wrong and at times just a guess is enough for next level.

Quest 20

There are also 2 hidden power-ups throughout the quiz so keep eyes of an owl and grab anything useful to win. There is a new feature added to impossible quiz hacked 2, that is ‘fuse stoppers’ which are used to fuse the bombs and give you a bit more time to think. You require mad mouse skills; try to see things not the usual way you use to see. Discover your hidden capabilities. It is totally fine if you don’t get certain answers at least you got to know something unusual but exciting. All you need to do is THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Play often and become a genius different from others, go for it and don’t forget to have FUN.


Your favorite online tanking game is back with its second installment of the epic Tank Trouble series. Tank Trouble 2 promises to take the strategy and destructive fun of the original Tank Trouble to all new levels. Like the first game in the series, players can either take on the man in single player mode or test their mettle in multiplayer mode at This game is easy to catch on for all users, whether players are hardcore gamer or not.
Tank Trouble 2: The next installmentGameplay:

Tank Trouble 2 incorporates the same simplistic graphics that players have come to love about Tank Trouble. By simplifying the graphics to those employed by old 8-bit gaming consoles, the creators have been able to focus users attention on strategy. The only requirement for being declared the winner is to blow your enemy to smithereens. There are multiple structures and walls to shield your tank from enemy fire. However, users must beware as players are able to bounce artillery off walls. This adds an extra dimension to the strategic game-play, ever straining the minds of players of all ages.

For users who are already familiar to Tank Trouble, there are no new buttons to learn. Tank Trouble 4 utilizes the same controls as its predecessor. Players 1 and 2 will control their tanks while player 3 controls their tank with the mouse.For single player mode:The arrow keys will move the tank, while the space bar controls the artillery.For two and three player modes:Player 1:<E><S><D><F> are used to control tank movement.<Q> button is used to fire your guns.Player 2:Arrow keys will control tank movement.<M> button is used to fire your guns.Player 3:Mouse is used to control tank movement.Left mouse click is used to fire your guns.3-players

Tank Trouble 2 receives a glowing rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The strategy needed to be victorious is challenging and the graphic are nostalgic for older gamers. The mechanics are simple enough that even the youngest players can catch on quickly. This game is fantastic for one or multiple players. In one player mode, players go head to head against a computer controlled tank. In two player mode, two users share the same keyboard and go head to head in the ultimate one on one battle. Three player mode is like the two player mode, except that three users go head to head to head and only the strongest will survive. No matter which mode a player chooses, this game will challenge even the most experienced gamers. Hop online and play today!

Fun should be added to life – Happy Wheels 2Introduction:
A game irrespective of its type reduces stress.If it is fun to play then there it will be considered as favorite.When considering the Happy wheels unblocked version ,the names itself describes the uniqueness about the game from others.Offered with the various level and the game is known for its craze towards graphic violence.This is also a browser based video game.

It is introduced to the gamer in the year 2010.People gets addicted to it because of its various options offered to the gamer.

There is an old man controlling his wheel chair.This is the very first character.The second character is a professional business man with his private vehicle.There is a guy with his cycle and a passenger placed at the back side and there is a women driving the scooter.These are the third and fourth characters respectively.The old women offers help for the differently abled.

Where you can play:

Apart from official web-site, there are tons of gaming blogs where you can find this funny reg-doll physics game for free. If you ask me best one is

Well you can start with a person or character in the Happy Wheels Demo. As all the games are familiar with the arrow keys in the keyboard and in additional there are some special keys.They are space bar,ctrl,shift and the letter “Z”. If a person is much addicted to video games feels very comfortable using these keys.If he is not familiar then it will be some what inconvenient to the player as the controls are dispatched by some distance.

As all the games have one main goal, this final aim of this game is to cross the path selected or offered without any injury.Interesting right?In my experience with this game it requires patience to play.So the major loss of your body components the lesser time you travel.So,In additional if the player is much attentive towards the violence then it will be the most lovable game.Mean while in this game you will made pass through the fences which will split your body and the blood spreads across.The graphic sounds offer great level of experience.You can increase the level of difficulty to your ease and complete all the levels.


Due to its brainstorming and futuristic characteristics, Raze 3 can perfectly be categorized as a game fit for both teens and older children. The game revolves around playing the role of the extraordinary elite forces. Your responsibility is to ensure the planet is free from the freighting aliens who have come back as zombies. Also, you can play Linebacker 2, pretty decent American football game if you are more into sports rather than fighting.

All you need to know about Raze 3Background information:

The game is very much involving and interesting. You are recruited as a trusted associate of a top-notch group, which is entrusted to fight the opponent’s new assault. At the same time, human civilization endeavors to reinstate its dominance in a massive city space. Your duty is to eliminate the threats of aliens. It’s perfect game. That is why; it fits teenagers and older children. The game is exciting enough to keep your teenagers and older children engaged. Give your teenagers Raze 3, it’s a crucial game.


Select “local save” immediately after the first intro to the game loads. Then click the “continue” button. The primary dashboard will then load on the screen. Optionally, you can click on the icon that shows options wheel. At this point, you can easily toggle Music and Sound either on or off, and then proceed by selecting the simulation you prefer. You can then select either “Quick Match Mode” or “Campaign Mode” as they are the only Raze 3’s distinct game modes. In campaign, be prepared to finish all the fifteen difficult arena levels. In Quick Mode, you only require to score a certain quantity of elimination, for you to be a winner.


The Arrow keys or the WASP keys on your keyboard are very much vital in managing the actions of your characters. In order to do a double jump, tab upward arrows or the W key in succession. Ensure you also make good use of the mouse cursor, and left click when you are ready to fire. Good thing is that the guidelines on your abilities will always be displayed at the top right of the screen as you play. You will also notice that you can get varied weapons as you pass through each arena. You can as well buy weapons from your tactically earned credits.

playthirdversionThis game is the best:

Good thing with Raze 3 is that, while playing, you need to show perfect responses, abilities to tap keyboard in an experienced way, unwavering courage and most importantly, the competence to purge the foes with nominal fuss possible. You also need to show utmost focus psychologically, smartness and great strategic abilities in planning. This will help you do as minimal errors as possible. This is a proof that Raze 3 makes players to develop proper abilities to make quick decisions; hence they become smart. If you’re fun of flash game take time to play latest version of Electric man 2.


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