All you need to know about Raze 3

Due to its brainstorming and futuristic characteristics, Raze 3 can perfectly be categorized as a game fit for both teens and older children. The game revolves around playing the role of the extraordinary elite forces. Your responsibility is to ensure the planet is free from the freighting aliens who have come back as zombies. Also, you can play Linebacker 2, pretty decent American football game if you are more into sports rather than fighting.

All you need to know about Raze 3Background information:

The game is very much involving and interesting. You are recruited as a trusted associate of a top-notch group, which is entrusted to fight the opponent’s new assault. At the same time, human civilization endeavors to reinstate its dominance in a massive city space. Your duty is to eliminate the threats of aliens. It’s perfect game. That is why; it fits teenagers and older children. The game is exciting enough to keep your teenagers and older children engaged. Give your teenagers Raze 3, it’s a crucial game.


Select “local save” immediately after the first intro to the game loads. Then click the “continue” button. The primary dashboard will then load on the screen. Optionally, you can click on the icon that shows options wheel. At this point, you can easily toggle Music and Sound either on or off, and then proceed by selecting the simulation you prefer. You can then select either “Quick Match Mode” or “Campaign Mode” as they are the only Raze 3’s distinct game modes. In campaign, be prepared to finish all the fifteen difficult arena levels. In Quick Mode, you only require to score a certain quantity of elimination, for you to be a winner.


The Arrow keys or the WASP keys on your keyboard are very much vital in managing the actions of your characters. In order to do a double jump, tab upward arrows or the W key in succession. Ensure you also make good use of the mouse cursor, and left click when you are ready to fire. Good thing is that the guidelines on your abilities will always be displayed at the top right of the screen as you play. You will also notice that you can get varied weapons as you pass through each arena. You can as well buy weapons from your tactically earned credits.

playthirdversionThis game is the best:

Good thing with Raze 3 is that, while playing, you need to show perfect responses, abilities to tap keyboard in an experienced way, unwavering courage and most importantly, the competence to purge the foes with nominal fuss possible. You also need to show utmost focus psychologically, smartness and great strategic abilities in planning. This will help you do as minimal errors as possible. This is a proof that Raze 3 makes players to develop proper abilities to make quick decisions; hence they become smart. If you’re fun of flash game take time to play latest version of Electric man 2.

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