Diesel and Death One of the Best Adrenaline Rush Racing Game

The Diesel and Death game is a dual play type of game that includes a racer and the competitor. Diesel is the role played by the computer while Death, is the role played by you the competitor. The levels of the power-ups as well as the health of your bike are usually displayed on the screen. The more your bike gets destroyed, the lower its health deteriorates. Once the health lifeline is depleted, your game is over and you lose. The same applies to your competitors. The more you attack and destroy their bikes, the higher the chances of defeating them. Power-up options can be gained throughout the game. Destroy your opponents and pass through the different levels of the junkyard to gain more points and power-ups to see you through the game.

How to Play/Instructions
The main principle behind this game is to race as fast as you can across the junkyard and beat all your opponents. The first racer past the flags wins the game. If just racing is not your thing and you would like to add some adrenaline in the race, all you have to do is destroy your enemies and win. Race as fast as you can and catch up with your opponents. Destroy and pass them to gain more points as well as increase your chances of winning.

It’s basically easy to play this game. Only five keypads are required to control the entire game. These keypads are Up, Down, Right side, Left Side and the Space button. Each and every button plays its own primary role. Increasing the speed, gaining power-ups and attacking your enemy are all done at the five cursors. The Up keypad is used to lift the bike during jumps. The Left keypad is used to brake/slowdown the bike while the Right keypad is used to accelerate the bike in different directions. The Space keypad is used to gain the power-up option as well as attack your opponents.

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