Free Rider

Free Rider
Free Rider is a wonderful game and it can reduce the mind pressure same way as impossible quiz. You just keep the bike wheels on tracks. It has thousands of tracks and you can challenge with your friends also. It is the game which contains logic of science principles in it and is used for teachers to develop their ethics to handle classes clearly to the students. Free Rider has list of controls to keep the vehicle to be controlled and has some other controls to organize the game in smooth way.

First let we see a list of controls over vehicle, Up arrow: It is obviously used to accelerate the vehicle.
Down arrow: It is used to slow down or brake the vehicle to stop.
Left arrow: It is used to lean towards left side.
Right arrow: It is used to lead towards right side.
Additionally we have ā€œZā€ control, which can turn around the vehicle.
W, A, S and D are used to Scroll up, left, down and right respectively.
+ and ā€“ are used to Zoom in and out respectively.

Whenever you need to restart the game from beginning just click Enter key. Shift key enables to Quickly Draw a game and B is used to kill urself or suicide.

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