Tank Trouble 2: The next installment


Your favorite online tanking game is back with its second installment of the epic Tank Trouble series. Tank Trouble 2 promises to take the strategy and destructive fun of the original Tank Trouble to all new levels. Like the first game in the series, players can either take on the man in single player mode or test their mettle in multiplayer mode at This game is easy to catch on for all users, whether players are hardcore gamer or not.
Tank Trouble 2: The next installmentGameplay:

Tank Trouble 2 incorporates the same simplistic graphics that players have come to love about Tank Trouble. By simplifying the graphics to those employed by old 8-bit gaming consoles, the creators have been able to focus users attention on strategy. The only requirement for being declared the winner is to blow your enemy to smithereens. There are multiple structures and walls to shield your tank from enemy fire. However, users must beware as players are able to bounce artillery off walls. This adds an extra dimension to the strategic game-play, ever straining the minds of players of all ages.

For users who are already familiar to Tank Trouble, there are no new buttons to learn. Tank Trouble 4 utilizes the same controls as its predecessor. Players 1 and 2 will control their tanks while player 3 controls their tank with the mouse.For single player mode:The arrow keys will move the tank, while the space bar controls the artillery.For two and three player modes:Player 1:<E><S><D><F> are used to control tank movement.<Q> button is used to fire your guns.Player 2:Arrow keys will control tank movement.<M> button is used to fire your guns.Player 3:Mouse is used to control tank movement.Left mouse click is used to fire your guns.3-players

Tank Trouble 2 receives a glowing rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The strategy needed to be victorious is challenging and the graphic are nostalgic for older gamers. The mechanics are simple enough that even the youngest players can catch on quickly. This game is fantastic for one or multiple players. In one player mode, players go head to head against a computer controlled tank. In two player mode, two users share the same keyboard and go head to head in the ultimate one on one battle. Three player mode is like the two player mode, except that three users go head to head to head and only the strongest will survive. No matter which mode a player chooses, this game will challenge even the most experienced gamers. Hop online and play today!

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